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AMD Test Drive #amdtestdrive

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"Sponsored AMD Test Driver" I recieved this equipment free from AMD AMD A10-6800K APU, MSI FM2 A85X motherboard, 2x4 AMD Radeon™ RP1866 Performance Memory, Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Case, Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W Power Supply, Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 2.5" 60GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive, LG 24X DVD Burner.

This is my review of the gear I received for the AMD Test Drive program.

This is the first time I have ever had my hands into a computer for a build and I must say I enjoyed the experience even though it frustrated my at times. I would like to thank my friend OldTimmer for the help he provided in walking me through the process and for getting those screws that my hands were to big and or clumsy to manage.

As this is my first build I will probably not be as technical as some of you may like so I do apologize for my lack of knowledge in advance.

During the build there were no problems at all in getting the parts to fit into place where they should be. The only problem I did have is having to wait for the processor fan and Window 8 64 bit to come in the mail as the initial shipment had no fan and came with Windows 7 32 Bit and the Window 7 32 Bit would not recognize the 8 Gig of AMD Radeon RP1866 Performance memory supplied to us for the Test Drive, but that was a small price to pay for such great gear and I thank the AMD Test Drive Program for providing the fan and replacing the Windows 7 32 bit with Windows 8 64 bit free of charge as everything in this kit was.

The Mother board went in with few problems those being my hands that have not been right since hitting a tree at 90 back in 88.

The Fractal Designs Arc Midi R2 case had plenty of room for all of the equipment and I loved the ports provided in the case for Wire management and small holes provided for wire ties.

The Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W Power Supply Unit has powered the unit with no problems at all.

The memory installed is 8 Gig of AMD Radeon 1866 Performance Memory 2X 4 Gig sticks

Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 2.5" 60GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive provided has been a pleasure to work with, it is my first SSD and though I had heard how much faster SSD's are over conventional Hard drives it is completely different to see it for yourself.

The MSI FM2 A85X motherboard provided plenty of space to plug everything in.

Here are the results I got from The Window Experience.

First before I updated the video drivers.

And now after I updated my drivers.


Here are the FPS readings I was getting while playing various games while running Fraps.

World of Tanks 25FPS

Alan Wake 17 FPS

Bioshock Infinity 16-30 FPS in game play and 20-47 in cut scenes.


I just want to finish with thanking AMD, Gigabyte, Kingston and Fractal Design for the great equipment, it was a great new experience building my own with my own hands instead of paying somebody else to do it for me.